We are honored to have many great musicians among our customers. We’ve never sought official endorsements. All of our customers purchased Rockbridges because they truly liked the guitars. No Rockbridge player is obligated to either play or promote our instruments, which makes us even more grateful for their support.


Dave Matthews

Dave Matthews with one of his 5 Rockbridge Guitars

Photo by Jeff Kravitz

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guitar we built for Dave

Jason Mraz




Jason Mraz playing his custom Rockbridge Slope, in concert, on the day it was delivered to him!

Richie Sambora




Dave Stewart from the Eurythmics and Super Heavy

Dave Stewart with one of his 3 Rockbridge Guitars



Dave Stewart talking about his custom Rockbridge 0 model

Ray LaMontagne




We’ve been listening to Ray’s music for years while building guitars, so we were thrilled when Ray purchased a Mahogany/Red Spruce Smeck from us! 

Mike Campbell, from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers


Waddy Wachtel


Waddy is a legendary guitarist who has worked with Keith Richards, James Taylor, Stevie Nicks, Warren Zevon, Jackson Browne and countless other artists.



"Not only do I love owning this guitar, but I think it is one of the finest acoustic instruments i've ever played...thank you Rockbridge!"

Vusi Mahlasela

“The Rockbridge is my baby”

Ben Harper




Ben Harper in the studio getting ready to record with a Rockbridge '0 model'

Mick Jagger




Mick Jagger playing Dave Stewart's Rockbridge Guitar

Ann Marie Calhoun




Ann Marie Calhoun playing her Rockbridge Guitar w/ Ringo Starr and Dave Stewart

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson




International film star, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, is also an avid guitarist. Dwayne’s order was the 200th guitar that we completed!


Jim Hurst


2 time IBMA guitarist of the year

"Great luthiers and great people, and let me tell you they are absolutely world class. I have never been more impressed with the sound, look, and feel of a guitar than these hand-made beauties from Virginia."



Rhonda Vincent


7 time IBMA female vocalist of the year.

"Quality, beauty, and sound, all in one great guitar! Thanks Rockbridge for my OOO. It's the perfect size and shape for me!"





Roy Curry


Two time National Flatpicking Champion

"This is hands down the best new guitar I've ever been fortunate enough to own. I feel extremely lucky" 



Steve Kaufman


3 time National Flatpicking Champion

"The hands of these masters created an instrument of incredible strength, not only in its flawless design but also in its remarkable clarity, sensitivity, and freedom to express any type of music I want to play. A truly gifted duo making a truly awesome instrument"


Cody Kilby


Former National Flatpicking Champion, guitarist for Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder

"The craftsmanship of the Rockbridge Guitar is exceptional. Its flawless build and brilliant sound encase some of the finest tones to be heard in a new guitar today."


Matt Arcara 


Matthew playing his Rockbridge during his winning performance at the 2006 National Flatpicking contest.



“My brazialian/adirondack Rockbridge is the perfect mix of bright and crisp with lots of chunk and thickness to the tone. It's continually the guitar I reach for and the tone I hear in my head. The Rockbridge guitars are all really balanced and consistent, with great fit and finish. Not to mention the builders are great people too."


Larry Keel




One of our very earliest guitars was built for flatpicking monster Larry Keel, here’s what he had to say “I was amazed with how full and clean it sounded when it was brand-spankin new. Now after just this little amount of time it's already putting out seasoned, rich tones and volume. I'm looking forward to a lifetime of growing with this guitar"

Peyton Tochterman


Singer Songwriter


Jesse Harper


Solo artist and guitarist for Old School Freight Train

“I've been playing Rockbridge Guitars for almost five years now. My two main criteria for a great guitar are playability and tone- Rockbridge Guitars are consistently the best guitars I have ever played or heard... and they look great too!! I'll always play a Rockbridge"



Sam Wilson


Guitarist for Sons of Bill

"Rockbridge guitars have equal parts playability, tone, and soul. Not to mention they are visually beautiful. Recording engineers are always stunned at how wonderful my rockbridge sounds."



Bob Minner




"When I was looking for a second guitar to compliment my 1942 Gibson J-45 ‘bannerhead’, I turned to Brian and Randall at Rockbridge guitars. The reason was simple – these guys build really amazing, true modern vintage guitars. When I finally got the guitar, I was just blown away by the looks alone, but when I played it, well, it is simply the best new guitar I have ever played, period. I can only imagine what it will sound like in the years to come.

As a side note, the guitar was so good in fact, that the very day I had it delivered to the studio, I used it on 2 tracks on the upcoming Tim McGraw CD. Of the few great vintage guitars I own and love, this Rockbridge slope shoulder guitar is every bit as good as my ‘old girls’, and I am proud to play this work of art from the hands of Brian and Randall. Thanks guys!"


Dan Miller




"This is one of the best sounding new guitars I've ever played." (editor of "Flatpicking Magazine") talking about the Brazilian rosewood and red spruce dreadnaught.


Beppe Gambetta





"My Rockbridge guitar is a modern interpretation of a traditional idea. It has the old solid sound projected in the future with great innovations."

Rolly Brown


Rolly's custom Small Jumbo


Former National Finger Style Guitar Champion

“My Rockbridge small jumbo, in mahogany and cedar, sounded like a vintage guitar on day one, and it just keeps getting better. In terms of workmanship, playability, and pure tone, Randall and Brian's guitars are hard to beat!”

Eli West


"Getting on Brian and Randall's wait list having never played their guitars, I somehow knew exactly what I was getting: an instrument that would grow with me as a musician. This dynamic dreadnought has both learned and taught me well."


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